Hosting The Inhuman

12 April — 07 June 2017

The multidisciplinary project investigates the relationship between material objects, non-human forms of life and the environment including an exhibition, film screenings, a series of talks, and an extensive programme of live performances.


Curators: Maria Kramar and Karen Sarkisov

Participants: Chino Amobi, Evgeny Antufiev, Alexey Bogolepov / Egor Rogalev, Vladimir Budanov, Alexey Buldakov, Igor Burtsev, Valery Chtak, Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, Elysia Crampton, Nuclear Cthulhu, Sara Culmann, Vinciane Despret, Mårble / Dyad and the Sleepers (Echotourist), Farhad Farzaliyev, Farhood / Kepla / Ling, Valia Fetisov, Mikhail Gelfand, Piero Golia, Michael Hampe, Daniel Lefcourt, Kablam, Kid Fourteen, Sergey Konenkov, Mikhail Maksimov, Kristina Norman, Anastasia Potemkina, Theater of Mutual Operations, Ored Recordings, Yoel Regev, Kirill Savchenkov, Lara Sarkissian, Andrey Shental, Yves Tumor, Ben Woodard, and Anna Zholud.

Architecture: Novoe, Kosmos, FOAM

Launching in spring 2017, Carte Blanche is a new experimental programme by MMOMA, inviting art institutions to implement their own curatorial initiatives at MMOMA sites. With Carte Blanche, MMOMA aims to develop creative dialogue and synergy, strengthening cultural ties between state museums and other institutions. Guest institutions will select the theme, artists and format of the exhibitions they present, opening up new ideas to MMOMA’s visitors and giving invited institutions the opportunity to address issues such as the implementation of their projects in a different

context and familiarity with new audiences. Building on the activities of the museum, it will further MMOMA’s ambition to broaden current perceptions of contemporary art.

V-A-C Foundation is the first institution to participate and will present four projects, which will analyse new possibilities as well as existing boundaries and limitations of a museum and an exhibition. Participation in Carte Blanche builds on long-standing V-A-C programme which looks into contemporary museum formats, expanding the space of art and establishing new relationships with the audience.


MMOMA, Gogolevsky Boulevard 10/2
Kropotkinskaya subway station

Open hours:

Mon. — Sun.:

12:00 — 20:00


13:00 — 21:00

More information:

+7 495 231-36-60

Media accreditation

• Admission until 30 minutes before closing

• Free admission on Saturdays and every third Sunday of each month

• Free entry to the sessions (registration required)

• Closed every third Monday of the month

• Tickets available on site and on the museum website

• Free admission for students

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